During the #euroCM European Civic Hackathon, participants will be able to work on concrete solutions to address the digital, green and social issues, identified during the 18 National Civic Hackathons, which will be included White Paper to be presented to European and National stakeholders.



  • Lack or poor digital literacy and IT skills

  • Lack of or poor digitalized public services (including lack of a Digital Transformation Strategy)

  • Cybersecurity issues


  • Poor air quality and excessive noise affect public health especially in urban areas in Europe.

  • Traffic congestion impacts the environment and human health in urban areas in Europe.

  • There are increasing amounts of emissions and waste in both rural and urban areas in Europe.

  • There is a lack of or poor infrastructure for renewable energy sources.

  • Deforestation causes climate change, desertification, soil erosion, fewer crops, flooding, and increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere

  • There is a lack of awareness among citizens regarding sustainability issues.


  • Poor promoting and supporting measures for social inclusion especially in rural areas in Europe

  • Inclusion of minorities in terms of decent Jobs/work, and education

  • Inclusion of migrants, especially in crisis situations (war, natural calamities, etc.)

  • Equal access to health for all



Being GEYC's Head of Entrepreneurship & Employability, Adelina is an international trainer and facilitator, experienced in design thinking, democratic deliberations, digital citizenship, project management and youth work.


Alexandra Peca is a youth worker and international facilitator with a formal education background in International Relations, European Studies, and Diplomacy. Currently, she is coordinating the Democracy and Human Rights portfolio at GEYC and she has been working as a project manager for more than 4 years, focusing on the topics of youth participation, civic education, youth work, digital education and human rights. As a former Promoter for European Democracy, a project of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Romania, Alexandra is dedicated to creating at GEYC an environment in which young people feel involved and empowered, they know their rights and they develop a responsible attitude toward civic and democratic engagement.




Gabriel is a Romanian trainer and project manager specialised in the non profit field at national and European levels. He has over 10 years of experience in youth projects focusing on social media, project management and communication. He is a Founding member of GEYC and the initiator of GEYC Resources Center and PRISMA European Network. He has been trained in over 10 European countries on various topics. Back in 2010, he founded GEYC Community - an innovative platform dedicated for young people in Romania, one of the first European initiatives of digital youth work. In 2018, Gabriel was included in Forbes 30 under 30, most successful young people in Romania.


Raluca DUMITRESCU is the Head of Sustainability at GEYC, she has been working with Erasmus+ projects for the past four years focusing on the topics of sustainability, gender equality and solidarity. A passionate advocate of the Sustainable Development Goals since 2015, a European Climate Pact Ambassador and a Country Coordinator at the UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16) Global Affairs Unit (GAU).


Diana Ionita is the Head of Digital at GEYC, she coordinates the EDU.RO Community and she is a Project Manager of the EuroChangeMakers Project.

Diana has been working in the non-profit sector since 2009, taking on different roles such as project manager, trainer, facilitator, and coach. Her academic background is in Communications, with a focus on intercultural dialogue, which she explored through various journalistic and educational projects. In her work, she is emphasizing the effective use of digital tools, as well as the connection between non-formal and formal education.


Member in the General Assembly of GEYC and one of the #GEYC10 Changemakers in 2020, she has been a Eurodesk Multiplier since 2021. I teach English as a profession and get involved in the field of non-formal education as a calling. I coordinate international projects in my school and mentor the European Solidarity Corps project "From a YOUNG person to another" in my community. I was an online facilitator for EDYS2020 and very excited to be part of the project for the 2022 edition.


Consultant in communications and project management - Coordinator and facilitator in Erasmus+ projects

“The future is not what will happen but what we will do with it” Henri Bergson

This sentence inspires me in my daily life as well as in the professional orientations I choose!

Specialist in communication and project management, I have been directing my career for 10 years towards institutions with social and humanitarian goals in sectors as varied as they are exciting, such as culture, medicine and solidarity.

I particularly work in multicultural environments for the unique synergies they make us experience.

Solidarity, respect and open-mindedness sum up my main values on a daily basis.

Today I bring my skills to the European programmes' network as a campaign coordinator/trainer (Erasmus +) as well as recruitment services for the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).



With over 13 years experience in finance, 6 years experience in project management, team leadership, facilitating trainings and 3 years of coaching and mentoring experience, Alexandra is at present leading as national president JCI Romania, NGO part of an international network present in over 100 countries in the world.

Everything that Alexandra does is to challenge and motivate people to break boundaries, so that they can reach their full potential.


Anett Linno is the CEO of Citizen OS Foundation, a free discussion and collaborative decision-making platform for citizens and communities.

Anett has been active in different civic engagement projects and social enterprises for about 15 years. She has contributed to building up the network in Let's Do It! Foundation and World Cleanup Day, where more than 20 million people worldwide came together to clean the planet. She also built the Young Crew network for the young project managers in the Estonian Project Management Association and later led this organisation.

She co-founded the Center of Entrepreneurship for helping small business owners to start and fund their business. Anett has a diploma in applied psychology and a Master's degree in andragogy.


Cristiana Lucaci has been engaged in the non-profit sector for more than 8 years now, coordinating and initiating youth projects in areas like digital, human rights and project management. In her daily life, Cristiana works as a Tech Customer Engineer at Microsoft Netherlands, where she gets involved in helping customers in EMEA region define digital strategies for their workplace.

Moreover, she is leading internal tech project that bring their impact in organizations across the globe.

Lately she has been working as a facilitator for international communities with Soliya and as a Digital Skills & Project Management trainer with Digital Nation.


I'm Fabio Santarelli, 42 y.o., from a small town on the sea of eastern Italian coast.

The main aspect of me is the huge curiosity for different cultures and the passion of knowing all their aspect; I think the best way to do that is meeting people from different culture and spending time with them.

After living many years in three different European countries I had to come back to my small place but here I found my personal way for getting in touch with different cultures being part of a local association helping refugees to get socially involved in our environment.

What else?? I am a very curious person, I really like to be informed and for that I spend lot of time in reading and studying, I love doing sport and walk in the mountain and cooking.

I am a purchasing manager for an Italian company with marketing and advertisement expertise and I speak English and Spanish fluently.


Ioana is the Vice President of GEYC Board of Directors, Supervising Sustainability, GEYC Community.

Being a youth worker is Ioana's calling considering her fruitful engagement in multiple projects and organisations, and young people know her as Tete. When she doesn't counsel high school students with their university choices, she likes to tackle community issues and find solutions together with young volunteers. People might also know her as the VicePresident of GEYC Board of Directors where she supervises Sustainability, or as The Traveling Smile from her Instagram account where she promotes places, projects and people. If you want to know more and work with her, she strongly encourages you to join #EDYS22, where she will be waiting for you with enthusiasm and willingness to help.