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We are a Romanian NGO whose mission is to empower young people to change their community and digital is one of our core directions.

GEYC is coordinating the activity of PRISMA European Network.

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Alexandra is a youth worker with formal education background in International Relations, European Studies and Diplomacy. She has been managing projects for the past 3 years, focusing on the topics of project management, youth work, digital education and human rights.
Gabriel is a Romanian trainer and project manager specialised in the non profit field at national and European levels. He has over 10 years of experience in youth projects focusing on social media, project management and communication. He is a Founding member of GEYC and the initiator of GEYC Resources Center and PRISMA European Network. He has been trained in over 10 European countries on various topics. Back in 2010, he founded GEYC Community - an innovative platform dedicated for young people in Romania, one of the first European initiatives of digital youth work. In 2018, Gabriel was included in Forbes 30 under 30, most successful young people in Romania.
Adelina is a youth-worker, project manager, dissemination expert with a formal background in Social Studies and Communication, Behavioural Sciences and Marketing. Working as an expert in non-formal education for more than 6 years, in her trainings she is tackling subjects related to digital education, social activism, entrepreneurship, marketing, public speaking and personal branding.
Raluca is a youth worker with formal education background in Human Resources Management and International Business. She is in charge of several projects focused on sustainability and has helped develop GEYC's sustainability policy.
Diana has academic studies in Communications with a focus on intercultural discourse (BA and MA) and complementary training in Advanced Facilitation, Psycho-pedagogy, Global Education, or Education for Development in a multicultural environment. She has been actively involved in youth work since 2010, volunteering or working for various NGOs.


Hilal has a BA in International Relations as a high honored student and is actively involved in local and international projects and also successfully dealt with training courses, exchange programs, and volunteering activities. Moreover, she has continuously attempted to gain competences through an intern, part-time, and volunteer experiences across inter-disciplined areas. She is enthusiastically motivated to work in a multicultural and global workplace.
Aysun is working as an English Teacher in public secondary school in Turkey. She is also responsible for her school's youth and Erasmus+ projects.

Kms Jodie Lazuardi HAICKAL

He is an Indonesian currently an international student of a bachelor's degree in Thailand. He's a polyglot, into martial art, and puts a lot of attention in international business. His dream is to fight world poverty by increasing youth education and innovation.

Tudor Valentin IGNAT

Tudor is a student who likes to meet new people, to exchange information about a subject with other people. He likes to listen to music and tries to communicate with others. He likes to take photos and make videos or edit them.

Muhammad ISMAIL

Muhammad has recently completed his M.Phil in Soil and Environmental Sciences. As everyone knows this is the era of Internet, for Muhammad it is very important to provide a platform to youth to how to use the internet in a safe way and help the society/Country.
Manuela is a Communications Specialist, with a focus on content. She likes to explore various types of content and discover how to better connect with people, by sending the right message at the right time. She has experience in Brand Management, Content Creation, Social Media Management and Inbound Marketing.

Mihaela Spînu

Mihaela is studying Journalism and is motivated to to be a communicator at the European Digital Youth Summit because she wants to spread information about this event to as many young people as possible .


Sonia is a member of AVER Association in Tunisia and facilitator of Peacemakers Club.


Ali has completed his M.Phil in Agriculture , Specialization in Soil and Environmental sciences. It is his keen desire to help others, therefore he is working on different SDGs goals like Poverty, Education, Good health, Clean water. He strives to increase his social contact to serve more humanity.


Maridea has more than ten years experience in Social Media Marketing and Journalism.She is an international trainer, actively involved in Erasmus+ projects as trainer, project manager and youth worker.
Rachel is a non-formal education enthusiast 24/7, and trainer/learning facilitator whenever she gets the chance. Passionate about languages, people and the small things that make us unique, which now and again bring us closer together.
Natural problem-solver, very precise yet adaptable; lover of multicultural, multi-ethnic teams and situations.

Sarkhanbay is the Vice-Dean at the Academy of Public Administration in Azerbaijan. An Experienced project manager with a demonstrated history of working both in the government and NGOs field. Skilled in analytical research, lecturer of political sciences and PhD student focused on conflict management and international relations. Professional in public administration, key dimensions of e-governance for sustainable development, also dealing with the full spectrum of student affairs including recruitment, admissions, student progress reviews, examinations, academic records and graduation.