Nicoleta is a Physics teacher in a small town, Petrila, Hunedoara County, România. From 1986 till 1998 I have achieved all professional degrees in Physics.

Beside the tasks the call of duty requires, I have joined the volunteers through various

NGO’s. ”Save the Children” Hunedoara county has been the first NGO I have worked with,

I was then vice president at ”Les amis de la France” and now I have become a voting

member of CIVICUS. My involvement in social activities is well-known. As a result of my good

communication skills with different types of organizations, mainly local authorities, I have

managed to promote an outstanding student, the leader of the Robotics team, in the World

Robotics Championship in Detroit.

I have been involved in more than 50 international projects, from Erasmus to the UN, with

topics related to sustainable development and I became a Volunteer Ambassador Scientix for

the European School net Brussels. Since 2016 I have been appointed responsible for the

international projects at the Petrila Technical High School, where I am working at. This high

school achieved the title of etwinning school. I have been able to develop four Erasmus projects and two Horizon 2020 projects. Petrila Technical High School has also got a global

climate change award.

In my opinion, EDUCATION is the main process in order to achieve a better world and is

one of the most important rights a person, he or she, should have. This is the reason why I

want to share my very own professional experience.


I'm Isabella Gavazzi, I graduated in musicology and creative writing. I'm passionate about photography and videomaking, traveling and sharing experiences. Moreover, I was involved in many Erasmus plus projects and so I learned how to be more versatile, flexible and open-minded. Multicultural and diversity are the basis of the future of Europe and thus I would like to be an active part of this experience.


My name is Florina Gheorghiță and I am a 3rd year student in the Department of International Relations and European Studies. My area of ​​interest includes history, politics, education, human rights and social issues, which is why I wanted to continue my education in the field of International Relations. I decided to participate in # EDYS22 because the program is related to the specifics of the field I study in college and to my ​​interests, being an extra chance to assimilate new and useful information and connect with people with similar interests.


Dimitrios Gkotzos is a primary school teacher. From September 2012 onwards he is appointed as Environmental Education Officer at the Athens B (North Athens) Directorate of Primary Education, Greece. He holds a PhD in ICTs in Education for Sustainable Development. His doctoral research dealt with the investigation of the climate change phenomenon and its impact on children's rights.


Hemanshu Gupta (Steve) is from India. He lives in Budapest, Hungary. He is a young actor, traveller and 3D artist by hobby. He has worked in numerous films, series and TV, and has travelled to over 20 countries and lived on 3 continents. In addition, he has served as a trainer, facilitator and leader in several projects under the Council of Europe and the European Commission. Also, he is an ambassador at a Hungarian University (2021–22) and AEGEE's project (2022). We are grateful that he has joined us as a committer at the European Digital Youth Summit 2022.


Miruna is a communication professional with a background in entrepreneurship and a strong desire to learn and understand the latest technological advancements. She co-founded a digital marketing agency in 2015 but felt the need for a more in-depth understanding of communication and public relations in the digital age. She holds a PhD degree in organizational communication and she is associate lecturer at Faculty of Communication and Public Relations (SNSPA). Miruna splits her time between a job as a business analyst, academic activities and the two microbusinesses she co-founded, inquito and


Hi, my name is Kostian and I am very pleased to be a #EDYS22 Communicator. I have completed my bachelor studies in History-Geography and then my master in European studies.

Currently I work as a National Coordinator for a KfW development project in Albania and I am also a EU Climate Pact youth ambassador. I love cycling, exploring new cities and I am an eager fan of Balkans music and culture.


I work for education development. I'm a part of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community.

I am an alumna of Warsaw University and Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, where I have also worked as an academic teacher. In 2021, I graduated from the European Academy of Diplomacy.

In the year 2021/22, I received the Joseph Conrad Scholarship for Polish academics. A year before, I received the Deutschlandstipendium for academic achievements and social engagement. In 2017/18, I was awarded the City Council Scholarship.

In 2022 I co-founded the Opportunity Sqeezers/Wyciskarka Potencjału NGO.

I am a keen volunteer, with experience in working for art and culture institutions and pro-equality initiatives. I served as a deputy in the Student Parliament. In Our Future Foundation, I am a mentor for Poland's most accomplished youth.


My name is Roxana .I am in my last year of high school. I'd say I am an ambitious person,sociable and also a self starter.


I am Samran pursuing my Bachelor's from Budapest University of Technology and Economics and working as a Software Developer Trainee at Nokia. I firmly believe in a greener, more digital, and social future. I like playing chess, writing articles, book reading, and traveling.


I am Anisa Trisha Pabingwit from the Philippines, an international PhD student at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. I am a very positive and determined person who has the mindset that you only get out of life what you prepared to put in. I have been a professional teacher since 2017, on which I enjoy very much since my true passion is rapid and sustainable growth, both for myself and my students. Being a communicator for the #EDYS22 is the perfect role for me since I adore posting and sharing in social media. I also love travelling and immersing in other cultures, as well.


My name is Iván Ramírez, from Spain, I have a degree in Sports Sciences, a physical education teacher and a researcher at the University of Extremadura.

I have been linked to technology for years, I have several mobile Apps on Google Play and I am a community manager at the Faculty of Sports Sciences in Extremadura. During these years, I have combined technology with sports performance. Using advanced devices to measure and quantify sports performance. Currently, I am more interested in the field of corporate communication and marketing applied to technology and sports. For this reason, I combine my work as a professor and researcher with that of community manager of my research group, with the aim of giving visibility to our work. For all these reasons, I would like to be able to learn at the congress and practice communicating on my social networks.


IT Teacher in Junior High School of Arkalochori Crete

Long time member of the Greek Organizing Committee of the Student Festival of Digital Creation (Crete)

Participation in ERASMUS, UNESCO, ESA trainings and greek seminars about Education, Young people, Digital technology etc.

Various Computing Based projects with my students such as "Giarduino, The Automatic Garden".

Owner and Author of

Traveller and passioned with Photography

Instagram @angelikistk


Christoph Schwaiger is currently completing his Master's in Journalism in the Netherlands where he is researching the impact of news on society.

He is the resident host of the current affairs programme of Malta's leading rule of law NGO, Repubblika. Schwaiger worked as a full-time journalist in Malta covering a wide variety of topics with a particular emphasis on politics, corruption, and health.

Schwaiger was and remains active in civil society. He previously represented the interests of Maltese youths in Malta's Civil Society Committee within the Malta Council for Economic and Social Development (MCESD).


Marco Sicbaldi, EYY Italy Ambassador & Journalist.

Member of the board of directors and communication officer of the Italian national digital communication association of the PA Social association.


Izabela is a graduate of the European Academy of Diplomacy as well as the postgraduate Cultural Diplomacy program at the Jagiellonian University. She is a peace journalist and she supports the activities of the Polish NGO SalamLab where, as part of the media department, she covers stories of people on the move and minorities. She is also involved in the organization of workshops for young journalists and activists. She worked as a volunteer in a refugee camp in Italy and recently also supported refugees on the Polish-Ukrainian border. Izabela is based in Vienna where she works also as a Content Manager and enjoys the beauty and hospitality of Austria.



My name is Ana Maria Raluca Cojocaru. I’ve a Master Degree in Economics and International Business. I’m a junior scientific researcher in political economy. I was a former student delegate at international conferences. I always wanted to change the world and work to create a better future. Each brick of my career contributes to building a wall of achievements which I want to turn into bridges of knowledge and connections.


I am Pedro Díaz, a go with the flow kind of person that loves enjoying every single moment of his life.

I studied to be a teacher but I always had the passion of experiencing new cultures and entertaining people. I also love to dance and to act, we all need to be actors or actresses from time to time.

Apart of being a teacher I always wanted to do journalist studies, so I am sure I will enjoy really much my paper as a rapporteur (is not the same, but the same field). I will give the best of me and I, knowing myself, I know I will have fun and learn at the same time.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and see you all soon.


Hola, hello, hallo, bună ziua! My name is Juanma and I will be a rapporteur on the EDYS22 of Bucharest. I am a 19 year old boy from Tenerife, an island of the canarian archipielago (Spain).

Hablo español, also english and ein bischen Deutsch. I study primary education at the University of La Laguna (Tenerife) and my main hobby is to be a soccer referee. I love sports, learning languages, having fun with my friends and discovering new cultures. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity, I will perform my duties to the best of my ability and hope to learn a lot. See you soon!


I am a former ESC volunteer in Austria. I have Mechanical Engineering and Marketing experience. I am super excited to be part of #EDYS22 European Digital Youth Summit! See you in Bucharest :)


Liana Stanusi is dedicated to education in all its forms, be it formal, non-formal, for children, teenagers or adults. She is a language teacher and communication trainer with a multi-faceted background, having worked and studied in Belgium, the Netherlands, and most recently, Romania. Her Liberal Arts degree with a Major in Literature, Media & Performance (Utrecht), together with her Dramaturgy Masters (Amsterdam) have enabled her to work with young people and adults in a variety of contexts, designing and delivering interdisciplinary lessons and workshops to improve linguistic and communication skills, drawing on fields such as intercultural communication, art-therapy and improvisational theatre. At the same time, she has been involved in a number of international educational projects, from popularising opera among the youth, through organizing public speaking contests, to implementing programmes for the enhancement of socio-emotional intelligence in schools. She is eager to continue putting her skills to use with a vision of strengthening European values and connections within and beyond the Union.


My name is Veronica Titica, I am 19 years old, and I am a 2nd year student in Sciences Po Paris, on the Dijon Campus, focused on Central and Oriental Europe. I am currently studying economics and other social sciences (sociology, law, political science, history), and next year I’ll keep specializing in economics at the University of Toronto in Canada as a 3rd year exchange student. Born in Belgium from Romanian parents and now living in France, I consider myself a convinced European and I would like to play an active role in the solving of socio-economic issues faced by the European Union in the future. Therefore, I am very excited about contributing to the future of Europe through my participation in #EDYS22 as a rapporteur.



Daniela is studying Communication and PR in Chişinău. She has over 6 years of volunteering experience in social work, event planning and communication. She is passionate about photography and videography. Daniela puts into practice her knowledge and skills, being currently involved in organising and promoting the #EDYS22


Gabriel is a Romanian trainer and project manager specialised in the non profit field at national and European levels. He has over 10 years of experience in youth projects focusing on social media, project management and communication. He is a Founding member of GEYC and the initiator of GEYC Resources Center and PRISMA European Network. He has been trained in over 10 European countries on various topics. Back in 2010, he founded GEYC Community - an innovative platform dedicated for young people in Romania, one of the first European initiatives of digital youth work. In 2018, Gabriel was included in Forbes 30 under 30, most successful young people in Romania.


Maja is a graphic designer and social media marketing manager. She is passionate about

social activism, human rights and debates. As a volunteer, she was teaching in

the University of Debrecen, leading a helping centre for Ukrainian refugees,

organizing transports of goods from Germany and to Ukraine, and currently

organizing and promoting the European Digital Youth Summit 22 in Bucharest,



Mahathi is pursuing her bachelors in Industrial engineering and management in Sweden and is currently volunteering at GEYC to organise and promote #EDYS22. Apart from her passion for music and traveling, she is involved in youth work and has developed two ESC projects and a youth exchange. She is always open to opportunities which allows her to push her boundaries and meet amazing people along the way!


Antonela is a student, from Romania, she have a bachelor degree in Public Administration and now study Public Sector Management for Master at National School of Political Studies and Public Administration. She discovered GEYC in February this year when she became a General Management Trainee. Now she’s a volunteer helping GEYC to organized the 5th edition of EDYS.


Sebastian is a second year student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics in Bucharest. I joined GEYC 3 years ago and have already participated in over 10 projects. I'm glad I'm part of this clever team.


Julie is currently pursuing a double major in Economics and Geography in Paris. She is now volunteering at GEYC as her first ESC project to help organize and promote the 5th edition of the European Digital Youth Summit, #EDYS22. She has very different interests, from video games and animes to classical music and ballet. She is delighted to be part of this experience and cannot wait to sign up for more!


Francesca is an Italian university student, passionate about volunteering and a communication geek. She is currently in Bucharest to support GEYC in promoting and organising the 5th edition of the European Digital Youth Summit.


Iryna is a MSc student of Landscape ecology and nature conservation. At EDYS she is a part of the international volunteering team and is engaged in the preparations and promotion of the summit.


Marta is studying a double major in Law and International Relations in University. She is Spanish and has been 3 weeks in Bucharest volunteering with GEYC in order to prepare #EDYS22. This has been her first international volunteering experience and she cannot wait to repeat it as soon as possible.


Eugenia Miulescu studies European Culture and Politics within the master's degree of the Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest. She has participated in multiple Erasmus projects and has won numerous awards in national creative writing competitions (theater and novel). Eugenia wants to help as many young people as possible to participate in Erasmus projects, to develop their social and entrepreneurial skills. Currently, she is volunteering in GEYC as a EuroCM Project Management Trainee.


Liva is eager about volunteering, she thinks the best way to learn is trough experiences. She likes teamwork because meeting new people gives her energy. Liva has taken part in other volunteering projects, but always keeps improving. She is happy to be a part of the GEYC team and hopes the team is happy to have her as well.